Building Inspector

Building Inspector

Building Inspector

Kip Kaiser

Hours of Operation

Please call for appointment

Office Hours:

Tuesday 12pm - 6pm

Thursday 8am - 12pm

Contact Information

(603) 642-6400 ext. 118
(603) 642-6310 Fax

Please see the "downloads" section for all applications.  Please complete the appropriate application for your project and drop off at the Building Inspector’s office for review.  Applicable fee must be submitted with the application.  Permit fees are non-refundable. 

Selectmen approve building permit applications on Tuesday nights.  For the months of June, July, and August the board will meet on the first and third Tuesday's at 6:00pm.

To schedule an inspection for permit applications, please contact Kip Kaiser.

For gas permits or inspections,  please contact the Brentwood Fire Department at 642 8132 ext. 104.


EFFECTIVE 3/1/2017


Includes: New Construction & Alterations

Heated Space                 .50 per SF /  Min Fee  Res.                 $ 50.00

                                                                         Com.            $ 100.00

Unheated space                       .25  per SF / Min Fee  Res.        $ 50.00

                                                                         Com.             $100.00                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Plan/zoning review                                                                  $ 50.00


Electrical                          50.00+1.50/outlet / Max Res.           $140.00

                                                                           Com.          $200.00


Plumbing                          50.00+10.00/fixture /Max Res.         $140.00

                                                                            Com.        $200.00


Property research  / non resident                                              $25.00


Alterations                                      .15  per SF  / Min Fee        $50.00


Some plans or work  may require a third party review.

Permits are valid for one year. They may be renewed  for the

Current fee schedule rate on renewal date.